Thursday, September 13, 2018

Beijing Day 7, Lama Temple

Dear Matt and Mar,

Full marks to your mother, as this is our final day before catching the flight around 17:00, so after quick breakfast we took a taxi straight to the Lama Temple, by car it was less than 20 minutes away, the conversation we had with the taxi driver (through Google Translate and your Chinese) was super fun, we all were laughing every other words, haa haa haa.

I was ready for yet another huge crowd, with more waiting and more security check, but I could not have been more wrong, the crowd was just right and the queue was light, after paying for the tickets I noticed a small wooden hut in the distant (to the right), the hut was where one could get the audio guide. Learning from the trip to the Forbidden City, it was essential to get the audio guide, lol.

Beijing Day 7-36901874

Beijing Day 7-36901867Beijing Day 7-36901870

It was more than enjoyable to say the least, the grounds, the landscape, the various buildings were gorgeous, I was having so much fun taking photos, I ended up losing sight of you and your mother. You two were also totally engaged with the audio guide, and your mother was just chilling.

Beijing Day 7-36901893Beijing Day 7-36901901

The silent mode on the camera was super helpful, managed to take a few photos without disturbing a soul. The temple was small enough to cover the whole place in about an hour, although I could have spent half a day here just snapping around.

Beijing Day 7-36901920

Beijing Day 7-36901953Beijing Day 7-36901958Beijing Day 7-36901978

Finding a taxi back was proving impossible, so we headed to the undergrounds which was less than 5 minutes walk away, and soon we were back in our apartment once again to finish the packing (by the way for the first time, we did leave something behind, a bunch of my underwear, haa haa haa).

Soon we were once again in a taxi, this time heading towards the airport, at the airport you two wanted Burger King and so did I, haa haa haa. The flight back was drama free, managed to watch ‘Ready Player One’ again, haa haa haa.

Reflecting back on this whole visit, in part it was a little challenging, but you two were brilliant, there were some gripes but nothing more than that, we are ever so proud of you.

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