Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Beijing Day 6, Jumping and Tumbling :-)

001Dear Matt and Mar,

Our final full day started on a bit of a downer, in the morning we’d decided to visit another park which was not too far away, more importantly I’d chose this park because it said there was an amusement park, as well as a rather large Go Kart track. But as it turned out, the Go-Kart was closed, and the amusement park was nothing but small shopping mall rides, haa haa haa.

After a quick walk around the park there was nothing else to keep us there, so we moved on to another shopping area to find lunch, we must have arrived at Dongdaqiao (off Yong’anli underground station) around noon-ish, and it was bustling, the pedestrians were hoisted up above the ground level surrounded by a few grand looking shopping malls.

After a quick search we’d found a restaurant (Taiwanese), and to your mother and me, it was rather nice, but you two didn’t quite enjoy it, about an hour later we were done and after another short roaming around it was time to move on to our highlight of the day, lol.

For this trip, you mother wanted to see the famous Chaoyang Acrobats (at Chaoyang Theater), so the previous night I’d found their website and immediately did the booking for the better seats (not the most expensive seats though), lol.

During the past couple of days, your mother and I were debating whether to come to this show or the Kung Fu show, and somehow we’d opted for this one, lol.

The show was due to starts at 16:00, but we were told to be there around 15:30 to pick up the tickets, and we were there promptly, the tickets were picked up without drama, and in about 5 minutes we found ourselves waiting in the main lobby.

Personally, I thought this was more of a tourist gimmick, but I was totally wrong. As soon as we entered the theater we all had a great laugh, the entire front middle section which contained about 80+ seats, all had huge VIP cover on the headrest, haa haa haa.

The show consisted of several acts with no coherent story, at the beginning you two were moaning a little, but once the show started you two were absolutely engaged, and so was I, haa haa haa. It has been known that the performers were very dedicated and all are recruited from a rather young age.

Beijing Day 6-36901784Beijing Day 6-36901789

Beijing Day 6-36901794

In the beginning I thought the theater would be half empty, and boy was I wrong, just as the show was about to start I took a quick look around and virtually most of the surrounding seats were filled, with the empty seats being around where we were seated. Of course I wanted to take a few photos (without flash), but Matt was scolding me for even thinking about it as there was a sign saying no photography, lol.

The show lasted around an hour, and as we made our way out of the theater we were met with a huge local crowd waiting to be seated for the next show, the atmosphere was brilliant :-)

Beijing Day 6-36901797

Well something must have rubbed off, we ended up with a little performer of our own at home, haa haa haa. I was a little worry on what to do the next morning, our flight was not due until late afternoon, then your mother came to the rescue once more... and as it turned out, tomorrow was my highlight of this trip, lol.

Beijing Day 6-36901852

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