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Beijing Day 4, Wasn’t in our plan :-) (Part 2)

Dear Matt and Mar,

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Beijing Day 4-36901332Olympic Sports Center

Finally we managed to tear you away from the playground, and a couple of stops later (Olympic Sports Center) we found ourselves once again walking among a huge crowd, it was already rather late in the day (15:00), the sky was super gloomy and to be honest I was in a hurry to get to the iconic stadiums. You two have your heart set on the Water Cube, but the Bird Nest Stadium was the highlight for me.

Looking at the time in hand, there was no way we could visit both, of course we chose the Water Cube, lol. Buying tickets was a farce, haa haa haa, although there was a short queue, but it was just not moving, to be honest for the first time I was rather frustrated, only to find out later that the system was down, so we tried our luck and walked on to try to find another ticketing office.

Finally we found a working ticketing office, the man there was super helpful, you two knew about the waterpark, we’d even packed your swimming stuff too! But while I was talking to the staff, I looked at you two and said we are not going swimming and as I was about to pay, I turned and took a look at your (sad) faces and my mind was changed instantly, haa haa haa, we were going swimming after all, lol.

In my head there was a thousand reason why I didn’t want to go to the waterpark, just imagine the amount of people, it was already very late, the tickets were rather expensive... but on the other hand, a chance to swim and play around in the Water Cube was something I wanted you to try, haa haa haa.

Beijing Day 4-36901340Beijing Day 4-36901344

Beijing Day 4-36901350

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Beijing Day 4-36901352Water Cube

Wow, what an experience, of course it was busy, but it was well managed. Your mother decided not to join, and that was a great help as most of the stuff was left with her, I only took the essentials (in Matt’s rucksack) and some money... here was the first hurdle... We had to change our money for wet money, essentially that was for the locker (and deposit) and bits and bobs, I do not remember the exact amount, but I was about 10 RMB short, haa haa haa and trying to manage without a locker was going to be a huge pain, then Matt came to the rescue.

After we walked away from the counter (without locker key) Matt turned and said he had some money in his rucksack! Actually he had quite a bit, haa haa haa, finally we were able to get the locker!

The experience made it worthwhile, unfortunately the most fun looking slides were reserved for people who were taller than 1.4m, and on the other side, less hairy slides were rather busy, so for the longest time we found ourselves playing in the wave pool, and that was an experience in itself.


On the main screen above the wave pool, was a digital clock counting towards 17:00, I had assumed rightly that was when the waves were going to be coming... however, I did not expect there to be a mini concert with dancers, followed by this guy throwing balloons into the pool onto the screaming crowd and ending on a high note of Peppa Pig like mascot leading the dance on the stage! Haa haa haa, love it.

Beijing Day 4-36901359

In the end we managed to go onto a few slide, it may look short, but wow was it fast! Showering and getting dress was a bit of a challenge, haa haa haa, so many naked men, haa haa haa, well I am more than use to it being brought up in a Boarding School, but for Mar it was a little strange at first, especially when there wasn’t a door for the showers, haa haa haa, Matt did his best to be the dorr, haa haa haa.

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Beijing Day 4-36901383Terrible KFC, lol.

It was almost six when we met up with your mother, of course our conversation turned to supper (getting rather late), instead of heading home, we’d decided to try to find something quick and easy, and what could be quicker and easier than KFC.

The very nice young lady behind the counter was super helpful, but when I ordered 8 pieces of chicken she told me very nicely that perhaps it was too much, haa haa haa. The service quality and the speed was superb, but the quality of the food was just the opposite, in fact this was the worst KFC I’ve ever had, lol.

The chicken pieces were cold and rather flaccid, the fries were limp, soft and cold, haa haa haa, with hindsight perhaps we should have ordered what looked like a local favourite, the chicken rice bowl thing, haa haa haa, it looked delicious.

+++ ++++++ +++++++++

Tomorrow will be another highlight, car and driver had been booked, we are going to be walking on the Great Wall of China, and the section we were heading to is called Mutianyu, certainly one of the main tourist hotspot, I’d chose this one specifically with you two in mind, as they have toboggan run and cable car too, but as it turned out, we didn’t go on the cable car, nor the toboggan, in fact we didn’t even made it to Mutianyu at all, lol.

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