Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Pekanbaru :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[31.07.18] This month my Regional Retail Meet (meeting between 4 countries) had taken me to Pekanbaru, a large city on Sumatra Island, Indonesia. Usually my RRM would mean just an overnight stay, arrive in the morning in time for half day market visit, the following day would mean all day meeting and then take the evening flight back to BKK.

collageThis time the flight outbound and inbound just didn’t fit, it ended up with me and my other countries counterpart spending 3 nights in Pekanbaru, unfortunately the 4 days was nothing but mostly work, haa haa haa, I wished I had more time to explore more of the city, but that was never our priority :-)

Lucky I got there first :-)
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[01.08.18] The inbound flight was just as riveting as the outbound, haa haa haa. Must make note to self though, online and Kiosk Check-in does not work if one had to transfer from one flight to another. Trust me, I’d wasted plenty of time using the check-in app, and even more time queueing for the self check-in kiosk.

To be honest, actually I had a great leg from KUL to DMK, sat in front row with loads of legroom, also there was no one else on my side of the row, and most brilliant of all, manage to finish my book whilst on the flight (one good thing for not having on board entertainment system), lol.

Once we landed, somehow I’d managed to be one of the first passenger to reach the luggage belt :-) and lucky I did too. I think someone loaded their surfboard, which got the stuck whilst on it’s way out of the building to make its second run on the luggage belt :-)

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