Thursday, August 16, 2018

Beijing Day 1, Arrival :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

001[08.08.18] You two had been waiting for today for the longest time, haa haa haa. For once the flight time was very manageable, 10:00 from BKK to PEK, so there wasn’t the usual absolute hectic rush, haa haa haa. Even an hour before we were due to depart, your mother and I both had work to do, lol, your mother was on a conference call and I was doing my best to resolve an issue that had just popped up.

Two films later (Ready Player One was superb), we’d landed in Beijing close to 16:00, originally I had thought that we would somehow be checking in at Ascott Beijing around 17:00, haa haa haa, how wrong was I? I did misjudge how long it would take to go through the immigration, in fact with hindsight, for the entire trip, I had misjudged absolutely everything in terms of timing, haa haa haa.

Instead, as the clock was closing in on 17:00, we had just made it through the immigration, lol, oh man was the queue long, by the time we caught the train to the baggage area, picked up our luggage and eventually made our way out to the taxi queue (actually there was no queue), explained several times where we wanted to go, made the journey into the center of the city, caught the lift to the second floor and plop ourselves down in front of the check in desk, it was just a little beyond 18:00.

I’d chosen this hotel because it sat very close to the underground station, and not just any old underground station :-) The station was Guomao, an intersection between Line 1 and Line 10. Line 1 is the main line that took us right to the heart of all the main attractions, Forbidden City, Tiananmen, National Museum just to mention a few, as for Line 10, that would take us North towards the Olympic City.

002On top of it all, Ascott Beijing offered an apartment like stay, with own kitchen even a washing machine (of course we didn’t use it, lol), and a huge living room, must admit that the view may not be much, but the grounds and the staff were fantastic and second to none :-)

Of course we all went into our separate routine as the porter left the room, you two ran around like a headless chicken before unpacking, your mother would survey the rooms then unpack, as for me, it is a little weird, but I would take snaps of all the rooms then go and find a quiet space to lay down, haa haa haa.

Just like clockwork, by 19:00 we were out to find something to eat, after walking around for a little while, we settled at a small-ish noodle place across the hotel, luckily they had pictures in their menu, haa haa haa. Well, the supper was a little underwhelming, haa haa haa but we weren’t expecting much, at least you two seemed to have enjoyed it, and that is the most important thing of all.

After supper a little exploration was done, just to find out where the nearest underground entrance was, tomorrow should be an interesting day :-)

--- ------ ---------

Beijing D1-36900666

Taken in the common TG lounge whilst we were waiting to depart, you two were having a great time giggling non stop. Just in case life throws a curve ball at you two, and putting a strain on your bond, just remember that during a simpler time, you two were inseparable, sharing food from the same bowl and you two wouldn’t have it any other way :-)

Beijing D1-36900671

Literally ran back to take this photo. As we were leaving the lounge to board the plan, I stood up and headed for the main door, I was about 10 paces behind you. Old habit, I’d looked back just to check if we’d left anything behind (as I often do, haa haa haa), and this amazing view was waiting to be taken :-)

Beijing D1-36900670

This was the conference call I had mentioned earlier, to be honest, I’d wished I had corrected the wonky lampshade and removed our red suitcase, then I think the photo would have better lines, haa haa haa, always notice this kind of things way after the photo had been taken… need more practice :-)

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