Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Road to OMAD

IMG_20180705_194128Dear Matt and Mar,

[25.05.2018] This week would be the first full (work) week that I have managed to stick to OMAD plan, so what is OMAD? The acronym explains itself, One Meal A Day, it is only a variation of intermittent fasting, 23:1, 23 hours of fasting and 1 hour of feeding window.

The previous week I had managed only 3 out of 5 days (work week), had a couple of meetings outside the office so lunch was unavoidable :-), I am focusing on work week only because during the weekend, skipping breakfast was simple enough, but skipping lunch was impossible, haa haa haa.

So how did I get here, well as you know this whole healthy living (haa haa haa) started back in August 16, at first it was just the normal cutting out the carbs and just like last time (2003) it worked wonder, after a short time gym was added to the mix.

After being away from the gym (actually from all form of exercise, haa haa haa) for over two decades (perhaps even more than that) a little research was necessary, how much to lift, how many reps, sets, techniques and so on, the wealth of information was endless.

However, the same topic kept coming up and up, the topic of eating plan, and then I found ‘Intermittent fasting’, it was a simple enough method, then it was 18 and 6, fast for 18 hours and eat during a 6 hours window. What this meant was no breakfast and delay lunch until 15:00, then supper again at 19:00.

At first it was a struggle, at that time my office was at Central World, although finding things to eat was simple enough, but the timing threw me off whack a little, then I change job, this new place was a little bit more difficult to find the kind of food I was looking for (salads and etc.), but by this time keeping to a very late lunch schedule was easier to manage. Then there was a huge relapse, instead of having lunch at 15:00, I’d found myself more than often having lunch between 13:00 and 14:00.

Now, only a three or four weeks ago, I came across 23:1, funnily enough, doing 23 and 1 isn’t really for weight loss, but for health benefits (growth hormone, low insulin and so on), and so I decided to give it a go. Finally I’ve found a eating plan that I really liked, I have decided to keep my only meal still very low in carbs, and try to make up for the remain calories with proteins, and it is doing wonder.

Believe it or not, with time the hungry pangs were really a non issue, I mean it was never painful, and with plenty of fluid I never got the shake. Hungry pang came three times a day, around 09:00, then around 13:00, and last one around 18:00, and each time it lasts no longer than ten to fifteen minutes, having either black coffee or black tea usually resolves the pang in a jiffy.

The really stubborn fat, mostly around the lower midriff and back is slowly disappearing, definition is slowly improving, and there is no feeling of needing to binge, finally I think I’ve found something I can stick to in the long run, lol.

[05.06.18] Wow, that was a tough week for OMAD, coming off a short break in Cha-am, where not only breakfast and lunch was had, but it was full of carb, haa haa haa. So the first day back on OMAD was really tough especially during the morning, but after two days it was all back to normal.

Another interesting development is when it comes to the evening feeding time, I just don’t have enough appetite to consume all that was needed, this was totally unexpected. Only last evening, after carefully composing the food on my plate, it was a real struggle to finish it, haa haa haa.

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