Thursday, July 5, 2018

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IMG_20180526_111625_1-01Dear Matt and Mar,

[26.05.18] I have been very fortunate to have had several opportunities to work for many great companies, and with many great bosses. Each company have left a very long lasting imprint on how I work as well as my mind set.

I have now been with BlueScope for almost a year, and among many great learnings, this company have transformed how I see ‘safety’, from being an utmost lowest priority to the top of my list, haa haa haa.

Because at its heart, BlueScope is a World class and leading coated steel manufacturer, running several plants across the globe, and being in the steel industry, having to work with huge and dangerous machineries, it was not a surprise that ‘safety’ is their number one priority. That has also transferred to the office where I work.

Just a couple of examples, I can not walk down or up the stairs without holding the handrail, haa haa haa, also we are not allow to use one of those knife cutter thingy, only scissors are allowed in the office, lol. This safety mindset is a good thing though, I now find myself putting on seat belt whilst sitting at the back of a car.

Came across this pickup truck on our drive to Cha-am (just had a though, taking photos whilst driving was definitely not the right thing to do, next time will get you two to take it). Sadly this is probably one of a better example, where the stacks are neatly done, with some thinly roping too.

In Thailand, we are a pickup country, where the majority of the vehicle sold are mostly these one ton pickups, but I have seen several cases where they were carrying way over the capacity, to the point that the front wheels were lifting up off the floor, lol.

In this case it was like a dream to be seeing this stack absolutely flying down the highway towards Huahin, haa haa haa, not sure if he/she could have stacked it higher though, haa haa haa.

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