Thursday, July 26, 2018

Must try harder, lol.

Dear Matt and Mar,

I definitely have a Tripod problem, the problem being I don’t use them at all, just could not be arse to carry one around. Before our trip to Korea at the end of 2017, for the first time I’d went out and finally got us a reasonable tripod, with the full intention of taking more family photos in Seoul (before that I have had several (free) tripods but never seriously used them).

8324522539467Well, intention was well and good, but when it came to our trip in Korea, the tripod stayed warm and cosy in our hotel room, haa haa haa. The weather was super cold and to be carrying a tripod as well as all the other stuff in freezing cold weather was just too much of a pain lol.

So, as we are now preparing to travel to Beijing, last night I took a look at the Tripod and I stood there for quite a while (like a mad person) debating in my head, ‘take it or leave it’, haa haa haa. Well, it will be a ‘take it’, worst case I’ll just ask Matt to carry it haa haa haa.

The camera bag I plan to use, does have a place for a Tripod, but it is just too cumbersome, the tripod would sit straight up (which is a good thing) in the side pocket (with strap for stability), but the backpack then become unstable and a pain to carry. Ideally I would like to have the tripod sitting up straight in the middle of the bag, and the best hack for that is to use a carabiner on the top strap (come handle), then hang the tripod off that carabiner, perfect! Well, not really sure how much the tripod would swing from side to side once I started walking... haa haa haa, will try it out this evening at home.

--- ------ ---------
Eeeerrrr, no, it didn’t work haa haa haa, because the tripod has a bit of weight behind it, it kind a crush the top of the rucksack and it just look weird, lol. It’s not heavy I’ll just carry it.

Test balcony-00100Anyway, as long as the tripod was out, I decided to do the usual shot from the balcony, and wow... I must have taken this shot a million time, but none have been this sharp, of course partly because this is a new camera with updated magic, but to be honest I feel most of the credit must go to the Tripod, lol, the usual resting the camera on the railing just doesn’t cut it anymore, haa haa haa.

This just convinces me even more, will definitely put in the extra effort and will carry this three legged thing around lol.

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