Friday, July 13, 2018

I like / Ascott Beijing :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[13.07.18] We are now (almost) two weeks into your summer holiday, Matt has spent (almost) the last two weeks in SG, and will be coming back this coming Saturday (we all can’t wait to see him), Mar has been ice skating non-stop, haa haa haa and by the look of it, so far you two are having a great holiday.

Even before the end of the school year, your mother and I were discussing on where we should take our trip this year. After a while we ended up with Beijing, instead of somewhere with yet another amusement park or water park.

Your mother and I split jobs, I have been assigned the task of finding accommodation and your mother took care of the flight (her specialty, haa haa haa). So at the end of last month I went onto and had a look around, my priority was the location and price of course :-).

ascott-beijing-enEventually we’d found just the right place, Ascott Beijing, of course immediately I’d jumped in and made the booking, choosing the option where we could not cancel (much better value). Of course a day later after the booking were made, we’d found out that we had to change the dates of stay, haa haa haa.

If we had stuck with the original dates, you two would have missed about 3 days of school, and that just wouldn’t be right. Changing the travel dates have more implications than just changing the flights and hotel, it also has to do with the time we’d asked for leave from our workplaces, but that was an easy task.


Let’s pick up the story on when we realised we had to change  the hotel booking. Your mother and I agreed on the new dates and so I went online and did the change dates request within, it was a simple enough process, but we had to wait for the feedback from Ascott Beijing... ... ... Then your mother shouted across the apartment, that the flight cost would be more than doubled, so we had to change the dates yet again! Haa haa haa.

This I’d waited until your mother found the right flights (with only 8,000 THB change fee, that was already painful enough), now it was my turn to change the hotel dates for the second time, but when I went into it was not possible as the first ‘date change’ request was being processed, haa haa haa.

I was ever so worried that the room would not be available on the newer dates, I’d frantically searched for the hotel’s contact email, and sent a message to them directly, asking them to forget the date change request submitted through and that we now wanted a newer dates of stay... haa haa haa.

Of course that was done at midnight, so there would be no reply until the following day. Ascott Beijing was super professional, they wrote back first thing in the morning to confirm our ‘newer’ dates and that we should contact to update the changes in their system (and this is why I’ll keep coming back to Ascott).

booking_logoAnd here is why I’ll certainly keep coming back to too. It was a surprise that the call center number started with +44, as that is a UK number, anyhow, I gave the number a call expecting the worst of experience, but as it turned out it was I was treated superbly.

After giving the nice lady my booking number, she had all the information at hand, she realised that I had already submitted a dates change request, then I told her that the request was out of date and I already have confirmation from the hotel for the ‘newer’ dates.

She politely asked me to hang onto the line, whilst she contact Ascott Beijing, now I certainly was not expecting that. I was expecting, “let me check and we’ll get back to you”, so that was beyond my expectation, which earned them a huge brownie point :-)

After a while the call waiting clicked and it was the nice lady again (forgot her name), she confirmed that Ascott Beijing had already updated their system with our preferred dates of stay, and so she can now update the information in

About 5 seconds later she asked if I have received 2 emails, which I eventually did and that was it, all the systems have been updated and that was that :-) All in all it took less than 10 minutes.

So you two, get ready for a week of culture and new experiences :-)

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