Sunday, July 8, 2018

Becoming Head Boy (Junior School) :-)

davDear Matt and Mar,

[26.06.18] Wowww, that was a surprise! This being the final week of the school year, and a couple of weeks ago we found a note in Matt’s bag, his name was being put forward to be chosen as Head Boy (Juniour School), with that alone we were already over the moon.

Truth be told, both of you don’t tell us much on what is going on in school, of course both your mother and I would always ask, and the answers were all the same, ‘Yes, Excellent, Great’, haa haa haa. I don’t think Matt was going to tell us about this unless we’d asked him about the note, lol.

A few days ago, all the candidates were being interviewed by a committee, we couldn’t really tell if Matt was nervous, but Matt was certainly excited and looking forward to the interview. That evening, the first thing I’d asked as soon as I arrived home from work was how the Interview went... ‘Yes, Excellent, Great’... haa haa haa, and that was the end of that! Behind the scene, your mother gave Matt a good (positive) grilling on the interview… haa haa haa, and she got loads of information… lol.

A few days later, one of Matt’s friend’s mother (well, that was a bit of a mouthful) called up your mother to congratulate her on Matt being chosen as Head Boy for the Juniour School... initially your mother was still a little apprehensive and wasn’t entirely sure, by the time the evening came, I have never seen your mother this happy, not even on our wedding day, lol.

Well done Matt, us three could not have been more proud of you, and to add to that, as an icing on the cake, both of your school report were excellent too!

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