Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Almond bread… haa haa haa.

MCL breadsticks-00083

Dear Matt and Mar,

[24.07.18] For some unknown reasons, your mother is back :-) one can tell she had been missing her baking session quite a bit, since the both of us have decided to cut down on carb, it was a little pointless to be baking… that is until this weekend.

A few days back, your mother stumbled low carb bread, haa haa haa, instead of using flour, the recipe uses Almond flour and on the same day that she’d found the recipe, in the same afternoon she went out and got all the ingredients.

Just before I go on, these breadsticks that you see Mar making, was certainly NOT low carb, haa haa haa, but they were super delicious, lol.

Up to today, she had tried 2 recipes for Almond flour bread, and to be honest I think they were superb, the texture is more like cake than bread (haa haa haa), and the taste is definitely more ‘eggy’, not surprisingly I saw 7 eggs in one of the recipe. I am certainly not complaining, it’s the closest thing to bread I have had for quite a while, haa haa haa.

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