Wednesday, July 11, 2018

After seven years :-)


[10.07.2018] Your grandmother had been wanting a new notebook for a while, but for some reasons I just didn’t get round to it, well that was until a couple of weeks ago. While Mar was busy with her ice skating class and Matt was in SG, I had a couple of hours just to roam around :-)

I am a little crazy when it comes to tech shopping, the amount of research I have to do is just not normal, haa haa haa, but for your grandmother’s notebook it was a rather simple task, hardware design and colour ranked higher than performance, haa haa haa.

The experience.

It took literally less than 15 minutes, decided to go with an Asus this time, as this model had just been released (red colour too), and the price was very agreeable :-). In fact the experience was so good that I thought it was also time for myself to upgrade too.

Took the Red notebook home and stuck it in the cupboard for a week, lol. The following weekend we were back in the same shopping mall and this time it was my turn.

I have had my Lenovo for well over seven years (even before Mar was born), although it still runs perfectly (kind of, the battery died about 2 years ago and for a while it was suffering from continuous Blue Screen of death but I stuck with it). However, with modern softwares it was running awfully slow, the ports were also very dated and very slow, I had more than enough time to build three RMS Titanics when transferring large files, haa haa haa.

My most used software (I think we call it Apps now) is Lightroom, which isn’t very resources hungry, but when it comes to editing and moving files, it was just becoming too unbearable, for every, even the smallest of edit, each action had to be waited before seeing the results, it was like using computer in the 80’s, haa haa haa.

For the longest time I was teetering on once again building a new desktop (what a fun project that would have been), but as I have began to put the component list together it looked like I was putting together an PC for NASA, haa haa haa.

So back to the notebook, the experience of setting up the Red notebook was like a walk in a park on a Sunny day. Windows 10 was already installed as well as all the drivers, so with less than 10 minutes the machine was up and running, in fact I did all the setting up at the store (using hotspot from my phone).

This time it took slightly longer than 15 minutes to choose my own, lol, eventually managed to find one that fits all of what I was looking for, not the most speediest of machine but more than capable to last me for another 5 years, haa haa haa.

Holy cra%, forgot the password!

As soon as I got home, I went to the cupboard and took out your grandmother’s Red notebook to carry on with the rest of the setting up (small stuff put in all the bookmarks on Chrome and so on), but believe it or not I FORGOT the password that I had set when I was at the store!

You two would not believe how angry I was with myself... like most, we all have a set of passwords we use, well unlike most, my list is rather a long one and always with slight changes... It was like ‘farming’ for coins in games, I began to start the long haul (without much hope), with each password tried I would write it down.

After the longest while, I must have tried well over fifty without success, it was time just to call it a day and do a factory resetting, the experience of this was also a great one, with only a few combination of button pushing, the Red notebook was left to its own devices to reset.

Forty minutes later the Red notebook was ready to start again :-) the 40+ minutes wait was not wasted though, as it was spent cleaning out my old notebook (de-authorised various apps and so on) as well as setting up the new one.

Luckily for me, I have multiple copies of my essential data, one in the old notebook and 2 copies on different external hard-drives, the photos and multimedia libraries were already on the external hard-drives. So at the end of the day no terabytes of data were needed to be transfer to the new notebook, saving about a billion hours, haa haa haa. And in moving forward I am not going to keep any data on the notebook instead will be working off the external hard-drives, this will make it so much easier when moving to a new machine in the future.

All done.

All in all I think it was all done in around four hours, haa haa haa, well, it took so long because the World Cup was also on the telly, haa haa haa, the new notebook handle lightroom like a dream, although deep down I wished I had build a new desktop though, haa haa haa.

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