Friday, July 20, 2018

A quiet house :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[02.07.18] Leading up to the end of term your mother had enrolled Matt on a 2 weeks camp in Singapore, since Matt would be leaving only 2 days after the term ends meant lot of things had to be done.

So yesterday Matt left with eight others, and knock on wood, so far so good :-) On the same evening that Matt had left, one of Matt and Mar closest friend was spending her last night in Thailand as her and her family were moving for good back to Spain.

3268153As we are living in the same apartment building, Mar was allowed to have her first night ever away (well, it was after all still in the same building, lol) and had her sleep over at Sofia’s. Sofia and her family will be greatly missed, we have known Sofia and her family for the past 6 years, and you three have become great and close friend, apart from living in the same apartment building, Matt and Sofia have been classmate for the past 4 years too. All of you (and other friends) would meet virtually everyday at 18:00 to play.

For the first time, this night both of you were not in the house... and the World cup was on :-)

One week gone :-)
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[10.07.18] Well over a week had gone since Matt and others left for SG, and I must say, all the other children continuously send ‘Line’ message to their parents, but Matt, it was like he was on some kind of secret mission, keeping himself so much under the radar that it was frightening at times, haa haa haa.

Each day the accompany teacher (Thai) would upload photos, so at least we can see you laugh and smile, haa haa haa. But the trip so far (after a week or so) had several drama, to begin with some of the children wanted to come home with less than twenty four hour after arrival, lol, they just needed some time to adjust. I am glad to say after the first day things got better, haa haa haa.

Matt in SG-333739Matt in SG-334149Matt in SG-8232142533953Matt in SG-8236874191449

Last evening’s drama was all about money, a sizeable amount had gone missing, Matt was staying in a different room but nonetheless all children had to be questioned, and I do believe the police was also involved. Things got pretty serious when your mother was told that all the children had to go to the police station, luckily it was resolved and no trip was needed.

In four days Matt would be back, and we all can not wait, Mar is missing her brother terribly haa haa haa and so do we :-)

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