Friday, June 1, 2018

You lost your first tooth :-)


[17.05.18] Finally Mar’s first tooth, which had been wobbling for weeks had fallen out! But what happened last night is both very heartwarming and frightening, haa haa haa.

Last night, I must have arrived home around seven-ish, walked through the door to find one very excited little girl, with a tiny tooth in hand, lol. However, I did not expect how the evening would unfold.

After supper as you two were about ready for bed, Matt came to me asking a very cryptic question... ‘If you have a secret, about a body part would it be ok to tell the parents?’ Of course my mind rushed through all the possibilities and all were worst cases (of course), lol.

The reveal was heartwarming, apparently Mar had dropped her tooth down the drain (for a six year old, it was like the end of the world), so her big brother came to the rescue. Matt remembered that I have kept all his teeth in a box, so he got one of the tooth and gave it to Mar, so that she could show your mother and I that evening, haa haa haa.

So how come I had written at the beginning that this was also ‘frightening’? Mar was so convincing, and showed no sign of guilt in showing us Matt’s tooth and pretending that it was hers, haa haa haa.

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