Saturday, June 30, 2018

Nobita Nobi, lol.

Nobita Nobi-8180585845904Dear Matt and Mar,

[27.06.2018] A few weeks ago, your mother called me up and said that Matt would be needing glasses... at first I was kind of worried, because not having to wear glasses for 46 years and I thought that both Matt and Mar would be the same, haa haa haa.

A couple of weekends ago, your mother was busy so it was up to me to take Matt to the hospital, and I must say the Dr. there was a bit strange, haa haa haa, to cut long story short, Matt does need glasses (probably because of reading with poor lighting), -150.

So last Saturday we popped over to the glasses place just next door, and it went much smoother than I had anticipated, there were several choices of frames and lens, and I had no idea what the lady was talking about so I just said yes to most of her questions haa haa haa. Matt did the choosing and I was just there to make sure it fitted properly and pay, haa haa haa haa haa.

Now here is the issue, you’ll be picking up the glasses today, and your mother have never seen them, she had wanted so much to be there to choose with you (or for you, haa haa haa) so it was up to me, well up to Matt and Mar really... haa haa haa. I am just hoping that your mother will like them, otherwise I’ll be sleeping on the sofa for the next few weeks or so... lol.

[28.06.2018] Your mother liked it... and I even got a couple words of praise too, haa haa haa. Matt, don’t get too cross with me, I think the glasses suits you so much… and to me you look so much like Nobita from Doraemon the super famous Japanese Cartoon, lol.

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