Sunday, June 10, 2018

Definitely #$%*@! by Sony :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[04.05.18] You may be wondering why the number of blog posts had increased several folds, haa haa haa, a consequence of losing the PS4 (overheating), lol.

A few nights ago, everything was perfect, I was so engrossed in Dishonored 2, so far 17 hours had been logged, and only reaching chapter 4 of the first play through (Emily campaign). I am never the run and gun type, but stealth, well I just can not get enough of that! What makes it so challenging (and slow in playing) is because I try to take out (knocking them out and carry them away) every characters possible while not being spotted, haa haa haa.

PS4P6090058Out of the blue, on the morning of Labour day, I was so prepared for the morning session, your mother did the school run and afterwards she would be having coffee with the other parents, and so I was free for the whole morning (which is super rare these days). There I sat, with a steaming cup of coffee and a huge glass of water, in anticipation of not moving an inch for the next 4 hours, haa haa haa haa haa.

The familiar ‘beep’ of the PS4 was the most welcoming sound... the usual game menu screen came on... I was more than ready to help Empress Emily clear her name and regain her throne from the very evil Duke of Serkonos and the devastating witch Delilah!

Controller in hand, my senses were supercharged, muscle memory ready and waiting to precisely press the required combination of buttons, I was more than ready... ‘Beep, beep, beep’, a puzzle looked came across my face, a minute earlier that beep was the sound of home, but these three beeps were as alien as having cornflakes with water.

Overheating message flashed across the screen, then in a blink of an eye... nothing. My heart literally sank to the central of the earth... and I guess I did what would a normal person would do, I tried to take apart the PS4 to blow off the dust from the cooling fan, haa haa haa. But failed miserably, simply not having the right tools to do it.

Ok, that may be a little dramatic, lol, after having no other option I’d packed up the PS4, put it in a bag and started to search Sony repair shops in BKK, haa haa haa. As this was a public holiday and with you two in school, our plan was to go and see Avengers 3 at Siam Paragon, and there was a huge Sony store, lol.

To fill in the void of time, I did what I had always wanted to do for quite awhile, to attend morning homage at the Temple near my old office at Central World, in a way that was a much better way to spend this Labour Day morning than zombieing out in front of a telly for three hours, haa haa haa, I was contented.

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[09.05.18] Feeling a  little screwed by Sony this morning, finally the service centre called, and what they’ve told me was the last thing I had expected to hear! Apparently the PS4 needed to replace the mainboard! Really? But it still turned on, in fact it was all functioning perfectly, until the screen says ‘Overheat, turning off the PS4’, so for them to come back to me after 3 days and say ‘you need a new mainboard’ just smell of Bullshi#.

It felt like them just wanted me to buy a new PS4, as a die hard Sony fanboy, I am feeling a little screwed, haa haa haa, and I was going to make the jump to the Sony A7iii this seek too, haa haa haa, now I am having second thought on the camera. Anyhow, can not pick up the unit until this coming weekend.

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[19.05.18] A few days after I got back the PS4, I plugged it back in, and started the labourious process of downloading all my saved games, as the PS4 can only be kept on for a few minutes until it shuts itself down. The key was to time it just right, not to have it cut out because it will have to go through some internal diagnostic before it turns on again.

Physically I had to have one hand on the PS4 to judge how hot it was getting, with about 15 minutes break between each download, I had managed to get out all of the most important saved games, the most important being my Dishonoured 2 saves, haa haa haa.

After a couple + of hours, lol, I had a thumb drive full of saved games, I had to make a decision! It was either to fork out for a new PS4 or try to fix this one myself. Even before this I had already placed order for the special anti temper hexi bits to be able to take apart the PS4 (just in case).

So as I sat here this morning, I have the proper tools ready, and after spending a few minutes on YouTube, I began to take apart the PS4 just to see how far I could get before I start sweating, lol, well it was more like an exploratory teardown, believe it or not, it was all rather simple! But I didn’t go all the way and remove the mainboard, simply because from my experience from building my own PC once you separate the mainboard I would need to re-apply the thermal paste which I didn’t have at hand.

My suspicion was confirmed, after stripping down the unit, it was obvious that Sony Repair center didn’t even open up my unit! the warranty stickers were my original one (they needed to be removed to get to the first 4 screws. Moreover, as soon as I removed the main cover, the dust flew out like a volcano erupting! It was so obvious that the Sony repair centre did nothing to my unit.

I feel so strongly that this is just a fan problem, a few minutes ago I went online and ordered a new fan and thermal paste. I am more than ready to carry out a fan replacement, I mean this is hardly an open heart surgery… lol.

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[09.06.18] Well, it happened today, the situation was perfect! Mar had her (catch up) ice skating this Saturday morning so both Mar and your Mother was out for the morning, Matt was occupied by the Switch, so at least I would have 2 hours to get this done.

With hindsight, it could not have gone any smoother... the heart was thumping a little when it was time to remove the mainboard. After replacing the fan, re-apply the Thermal paste, put back the mainboard and the rest of the parts, all of which took no longer than 30 mins.

Plugged in all the cables, there was nothing left to do but just turn it on  (said a quick pray, haa haa haa)... it all whirled up, really couldn’t tell if the fan was working, but after standing up the PS4 on its side it was obvious that the fan was working...

First thing I did was to once again, back up all the saved games onto a thumb drive, and that took over 15 mins, after which the unit was still running... lol. Decided to jump into Amazon Video, watched the Grand Tour with Matt until your Mother and Mar arrived home.

Well, it worked, lol, to be honest I wasn’t even sure if it would turn on, haa haa haa. Just glad we didn’t have to get a new PS4, and just very, very disappointed with Sony’s Aftersales service...

Sony Service Center had obviously lied! Like I said with the dust evidence, they did not even open up my PS4 unit, telling me the mainboard needed replacing was really the ‘bullsh#t wayout’, because the price to replace the mainboard was quoted to me at around 340 USD, I mean a new PS4 only costs 399! Obviously they were pushing me to get a new PS4! What a bunch of ‘ars$’, haa haa haa.

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