Friday, June 1, 2018

Cha-am break, day 1 – The arrival.

collageDear Matt and Mar,

Wow, that was a short half term, 4 days half term (including a weekend), haa haa haa. Originally your mother and I had planned for a long road trip, to drive from BKK all the way through to Chiang Rai (most northern province), with a couple of stops along the way. But when it came down to the planning it would have been impossible to fit it all in 4 days, and on top of that your mother had to fly to France too.

So a quick change of plan, it had been awhile since we were in Huahin/Cha-am, with the highlight being (yet another) water park, Vananava, which somehow we have yet to pay it a visit.

The hotel was booked in a jiffy, in fear that all would be full since it was a long long weekend (if one took Monday leave, lol, which I did). So it was the weekend, Monday and Tuesday away, however at the last second your mother had to fly to Paris on the Monday, haa haa haa, at least all of us would be together for most of this short half term.

The night before we left, I went online to book tickets for Vananava, but from lessons learnt from our very recent visit to Ramayana Water Park, I went online but instead of buying the tickets, I checked out all the rides suddenly the issue was obvious.

Two of their best attractions neither Matt nor Mar could go on, as you had to be 122 cm tall and 12 year old, haa haa haa, and I went through the same exercise for all of their attractions, and at the end, Mar would have a had a hard time doing the boring stuff, and Matt could only go on some of the attractions.

That night I called you two together, and gave you two options, a) Vannava or b) Black Mountain. To describe Black Mountain, the best word would be Tame and small, haa haa haa, but Mar could enjoy all the attractions but it would be less grandeur for Matt. In a heartbeat Matt chose Black Mountain and so did Mar :-)

So here we are, 4 days in Cha-am, we arrived in the early Saturday afternoon, which was perfect time for a quick swim, and in a blink of an eye you two were off to kids club and the pool (it was raining cats and dogs).

Soon it was time to decide what to have for supper, for the longest time I had wanted to visit Blu Port, perhaps my old job habit is lurking deep inside, retail space needed to be explored, haa haa haa.

Blu Port was great, but as expected it was very quiet, but you two had a great time, after supper we walked around and found a rather fun play zone on the top floor, but as it was getting late into the day we promised you two to come back the following day.

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