Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Seoul Day 7, Time to come home :-)


[01.01.18] I remembered thinking that seven days had absolutely flown by, this time our flight was more manageable as it was in the afternoon. Instead of coming up with some elaborate trip for the morning, your mother had decided it was time to do some shopping, haa haa haa. I don’t know what Korea will be famous for in your time, but for now (in my time) they are well known for a bunch of thing, Samsung, K-Pop, TV shows, Cosmetics and Plastic Surgery, so your caring mother’s plan was to spend the morning shopping for gifts.

Once again we leisurely walked over to Seoul Station, then we split into two team, you two and I were the ‘don’t really know what to do’ team and your mother was off my her own. Soon enough it was time to get back to the hotel... and it seemed like we were carrying half of the shops inventory back, haa haa haa.

Packing all the stuff became a challenge, it was like trying to fit a Blue Whale into a Ford Focus, but by some Jedi miracles we managed to fit it all in, haa haa haa haa haa, that is until we’d reached the airport, lol.

collageThe plan was to catch the same super bus from the Hotel back to the Airport, but it was first come first serve, whilst we were waiting at the hotel we could see that there was already another family waiting for the bus, and they made the first move, standing outside in the cold and waiting... haa haa haa. Well, they got on and we couldn’t, lol.

Luckily, I thought that this would happen, but we had plenty of time, but just to make sure I’d decided to queue up way before the next bus came, but in the end the next bus was virtually empty and soon we were on our way back to the airport :-)

A quick lunch was taken at the airport and eventually we boarded the plane bound for BKK. What a fantastic time we all had full marks once again to your mother :-)

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