Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Seoul Day 6, The Perfect End.

Seoul Day 6 Superb-03174Dear Matt and Mar,

[31.12.18] To be honest, the previous night your mother and I were struggling to decide on what to do (today), although the War Memorial was superb for all of us, but the National Museum was a bit of a miss for you two (as well as your mother), only to be redeemed by a superb supper, haa haa haa.

So the intention for today was to go for something with a little more fun, going back to the ‘Master Sheet’, ‘Seoul Children’s Grand Park’ didn’t jump off the page, but when compared to the rest it best fit our intention for today. However, my expectation was low, I mean really low, as it was New Year’s Eve and being in midst of winter I wasn’t even sure if the attractions would be open. In my mind we were just going to walk around the park and then find something else better to do, oh boy I could not have been more wrong! It was super-fantastic!

I was bored with walking to Seoul Underground Station, instead we caught the Hotel’s bus which dropped us at Myeong-Dong, and from there we caught a taxi which took us to the east of Seoul.

Once again, the weather was perfect, open blue sky, so the air was cold and crisp the perfect weather to be strolling around a park... I could already hear you two moaning (from the lack of excitement, haa haa haa).

It started quite bland, the park was virtually empty, but we could tell that this was a huge park! Once we made it to the main map, we now realised why they call it Children’s Grand Park, with Zoo, Amusement Park and so many other attractions for children.

The amusement park was to the rear of the park, I be grudgingly lead all of us there, not even know if it was going to be open. Once we made it over the hill, the view of the amusement park came into view, and my heart sank... it was empty... but we ventured on, then we began to notice a few skeleton crew opening up the park! I didn’t even know if all the rides would be open, so I bought the fixed tickets (5 rides each).


Slowly, more and more rides start to come online, and more and more children were coming to the park (but it was never busy), but I still wasn’t convinced, so I went back to buy more of the fixed tickets. Haa haa haa, after about the third time going back to the ticketing office, it was time to buy the unlimited tickets... haa haa haa.

Our fun-o-meter grew exponentially, haa haa haa, it was fantastic, Mar was just tall enough to go on most of the rides and that made her super happy. We ended up having our quick lunch here, and didn’t leave the amusement park until mid afternoon. Finally our fun-tank was full to the brim... haa haa haa.


The evening was even better! We caught the taxi back to Myeong-Dong to take a stroll at their famous night market (also your mother had chosen a restaurant nearby). As the evening rolled in, the streets of Myeong-Dong became alive (as well as being freezing), the unbelievable food hawkers were absolutely amazing and beautiful.

After doing a couple of laps, it was time for supper, it was so nice to be in the warmth again... haa haa haa, the Chinese food was amazing, today was the perfect day to end our first visit to Seoul. Tomorrow was going to be another challenging flight back to BKK :-).



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