Monday, April 16, 2018

Seoul Day 2, Palaces and Boots :-)

Seoul Day 2 Palaces-01884Dear Matt and Mar,

[27.12.17] We had a rough itinerary sketched out for each day, trying to fit in the ‘fun’ as well as some ‘edutainment’ as well, haa haa haa. During the previous evening, your mother and I decided to do the touristy thing and just get all the landmarks out of the way :-)

The plan for our first full day was to visit all of the various palaces, and it was glorious, Gyeongbokgung - Gwanghwamun - Changdeokgung - Changgyeonggung and probably more. The weather was beautiful and cold, haa haa haa. I was really looking forward to the Underground escapade, lol, and learning from yesterday’s mistake, instead of walking back to City Hall Station, we headed to Seoul Station (so much better, also has a huge shopping mall).

Throughout this trip, the morning routine annoyed me quite a bit, as whatever we’d try to do we couldn’t leave the hotel quicker than ten/eleven-ish, your mother had to remind me to chill a little and of course she was right, haa haa haa. And this is where a simple change in the routine improved everything, we ended up only having two main meals a day, a late breakfast, then early supper, and that took away all the stress (my stress, haa haa haa), and you two were so much happier, and also allowed more time to see and do so much more.

[Matt: Papa should’ve listened to me. I was laying on the couch with Mar begging to do something. I asked him to wake up but NOOOO.... Instead I watched the TV for less than an hour and got bored. Later on I came up with a deal. For every palace we went to each time we got to one, the distance would be timed for my playing time... BUT NOOOOO... (>:( ]

The palaces were gorgeous, but I think your mother and I enjoyed it just a little more than you two did, haa haa haa. It was so nice to be out in the cold, and on this first day I found out how devastating the cold can do to one’s battery life, haa haa haa, with a very old battery in the camera, it died in less than fifty shots, haa haa haa, luckily I have 3 of them, as well as a huge powerpack which could be directly plug into the A7, it was perfect.

Seoul Day 2 Palaces-01850Seoul Day 2 Palaces-01843

Half way through the long day, it was obvious that our strategy of making you two wear 8 layers was more than enough, haa haa haa, but your feet, your feet were freezing... we couldn’t find any suitable boots whilst we were in Thailand, so we had to make a little time and be back at Seoul Station a little early to do some shopping, lol.

Seoul Day 2 Palaces-01856Seoul Day 2 Palaces-01877

Seoul Day 2 Palaces-01895Seoul Day 2 Palaces-01907


As we were here in the winter, the crowd at the palaces were pretty thin, and it was beautiful, but we imagined the palaces would be a different ‘beautiful’ in the summer though :-) but what we were experiencing was perfect, virtually no crowd, bitter cold crisp air, absolutely gorgeous architectures we could not have asked for a more.

Seoul Day 2 Palaces-01924Seoul Day 2 Palaces-01929

We did make it back to Seoul Station with plenty of time to spare, and we were spoilt for choice when it came to children boots, of course the boots fever also took over your mother too, haa haa haa, so she got a pair too... lol.

By the way, I’d even went out and got a proper tripod, just for this trip... and guess what... it didn’t even made it out of the hotel room once (well perhaps once, but it was certainly never used, lol), it was just too darn cold and we’d ended up just placing the small TG5 on whatever we could find, lol.

Seoul Day 2 Palaces-01933Seoul Day 2 Palaces-01941

Seoul Day 2 Palaces-01943Seoul Day 2 Palaces-01947

Seoul Day 2 Palaces-01954Seoul Day 2 Palaces-01953

Seoul Day 2 Palaces-01955Seoul Day 2 Palaces-01958

Seoul Day 2 Palaces-01974Seoul Day 2 Palaces-01991

Seoul Day 2 Palaces-02015Seoul Day 2 Palaces-02058

Seoul Day 2 Palaces-02065Seoul Day 2 Palaces-02069

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