Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Karnjanaburi family trip, day 3.

Karnjanaburi Day 3-04125Dear Matt and Mar,

Waking up before the sun rise seems to be your specialty, especially during the holiday, haa haa haa. We woke up to another fantastic morning, the air was cool-ish (haa haa haa), everyone was fresh and ready to go. As this was only a short trip, packing the bags took all of 5 minutes, lol.

Breakfast was slightly more challenging, this being the end of the weekend, suddenly there were more people than mushrooms in a forest of Sherwood, lol. On our journey back, I am just hoping we have synced our bladder better than on our journey up from BKK.

Karnajanaburi main town sits pretty much halfway between where we were to our home, and that alone was going to take 2 hours. The drive was as enjoyable as ever, but it was obvious that the tyres needed to be changed as soon as we get back.

In no time we found ourselves parking at the cemetery, however, if you look in my lightroom library you  will find no photos, something inside me struck me as being wrong, so no photos (just like when your mother and I were helping after the Tsunami had hit the south of Thailand).

The bridge over the river Kwai was only a short drive away, to be very honest, the history of the bridge utterly outweighs the physical bridge itself, it perhaps only took 15 minutes to walk all the way across and back, the bridge was unassuming, but the immense history of this place was why we were here.

Instead of rushing back to the van and head off to lunch, we decided to spend a few minutes at the local private museum (whilst your mother decided to settled down in a coffee shop nearby). The museum was a bit of a hotpot of everything, the part that was connected to the railways was super interesting and quite harrowing.


Finding a good restaurant was never a challenge, haa haa haa haa haa. I knew I could not eat much, otherwise I’ll be nodding off whilst doing 120 down roads, lol. The traffic was horrendous, by the time we’d dropped off my parents it was already gone 18:00... what a great short get away we had, and I am definitely looking forward to do something like this again soon :-)

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