Sunday, March 18, 2018

Karnjanaburi family trip, day 1.

Karnjanaburi Day 1-03666Dear Matt and Mar,

Year of the Dog have just arrived, this Chinese New Year have been quieter than usual for our family. I was so glad that your grandmother had decided not to cook for the (extended) family, the amount of work, I feel would be a little too much for her now.

So I was over the moon that my mother had decided to resurrect a trip that we should have made Chinese New Year, then it was put on hold at the very last minute. My mother wanted to visit the famous Morn Bridge in Sangkhla Buri district, in Karnchanaburi Province (in this province, sits 3 National Parks), which is to the West region of Thailand. The last time we took a trip together was a few years ago, and I was really looking forward to have a few days together.

At first we were disappointed that we couldn’t find a hotel near the Mon bridge, in fact the closest hotel we could find was an hour and a bit away in Thong Pha Poom District, but as it turned out it was by far a much, much better option.

On the road.

Now we Google Map in hand, we could easily estimate the drive time, as it was going to take around three and a bit hours so there was no rush, lol. Ended up picking up my parents at around 09:30, only to found out that my aunt could not join us, the first thing that came in mind was what are we going to do with the 3rd room we had booked, lol.

As usual, your grandmother had brought enough snacks to last us a few lifetimes, lol, the drive was super fun, more than enough twists and turns (once we reached the mountainous area of Karnchanaburi) to keep things interesting. With all of the stops, it took us close to 3 hours just reach the main city in Karnchanaburi, so our plan to have lunch near our hotel/resort was out of the question, instead we drove on a little further and as we were near the Earwan National Park we had decided to take lunch.

The spirit was high, and the miles just seemed to have flown by and soon we found ourselves driving past our intended resort, lol. There was no point really checking in just yet, we drove on a few miles further to Vajiralongkorn Dam, and it was magnificent. I was superb to be out in the open air, with great view 360 degrees.

Karnjanaburi Day 1-03569

DSC03588Karnjanaburi Day 1-03616

It was a bit of a drama once we tried to check in at the resort, firstly the manager was not there and the staff who were there were not fluent enough in Thai enough to assist us. Once the manager arrived, she was a lovely although slightly hyper, lol, she couldn’t find our bookings, haa haa haa haa haa. It took a while to sort everything out. One good thing though, with your mother foresight, during the booking she had chosen to pay at the hotel, meaning cancelling the additional room was a very simple matter, hoo ray.

Karnjanaburi Day 1-03644

Karnjanaburi Day 1-03635-side

The resort was huge (even have its own cave), our room definitely had the best view, being right next to the river, it was gorgeous, not that we had much time to explore, in fact we didn’t explore the resort one bit, haa haa haa.

Our first supper we taken quite near to the hotel in one of the ‘socially recommended’ restaurant, haa haa, Krua Ton Nam. Of course we were not disappointed :-) by then you two were visibly very tired, lol.

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