Thursday, January 4, 2018

Life on the road :-)

BlueScope travelDear Matt and Mar,

Can’t believe I’d only posted 69 posts in 2017, the lowest since 2008, 9 years ago… haa haa haa. The funny thing is that in 2017 I had taken more photos than ever, lol.

Since I had joined NS BlueScope in the middle of August, since then the amount of travelling had been mind boggling, but all necessary to drive the business forward, that meant a lot of changes personally just to maintain my normal routine.

Keeping to the eating plan have been challenging, too many tempting choices which shouldn’t even be on my plate, somehow found themselves on my plate (in abundance too, haa haa haa). Maintaining the lifting routine have been really easy, many places we stayed have fantastic facility (open 24 hours).

The travelling schedule have not let up now that we are in 2018, just have to be more vigilant with what I put on my plate, haa haa haa haa haa.

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