Friday, November 17, 2017

ZANOOK Wake Park

1507462085671Dear Matt and Mar,

Finally we made it, the last time we were here it was to celebrate Cookie and Cream BD (Twins of Uncle Mai and Aunt Ann) and that must have been around April of this year (wow, not just realised that was a long time...). You two had so much fun with the water obstacles (actually, I think I had the most fun of all) haa haa haa.

This time we really wanted you two to try the main attraction that is drawing people all over BKK to this Wake Park. Of course the Wakeboard thingy... I’ll let the photos explain the day... but wow, why we didn’t come sooner we just don’t know... No words can describe how much fun we had at the wake park (

You two mastered the kneeboard only after about 10 mins or so... Mar ended up standing on the instructor’s board, but Matt was so close... the instructor said Matt only needed a couple more try before he could the normal board all by himself. In fact Matt was way ahead of me, I really had trouble standing, whilst Matt was off and running, haa haa haa, well done Matt.

I was such a fool, I’d went round way too many times, didn’t realised that to stop all one had to do was to let go... rather than the operator cutting the rope (so to speak, lol) and your mother was crouching the entire circuit! Haa haa haa, you were only supposed to crouch at the beginning... haa haa haa.



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