Friday, November 17, 2017

Student Council :-)

IMG_20171006_065441Dear Matt & Mar,

Since year 3 Matt has always put himself forward to be a part of student council, one child from each class would be picked to represent the class on the council for that year. From what I can gather, the process at the beginning of the year is quite simple, each child (who wants to represent the class) would put his/her name forward and would have to make a short presentation to the class. His/her peers would be the one who select the class representation.

I think more than half had put their name forward this year, and according to Matt everyone made a great presentation, and as always Matt presentation was on the lighter side, haa haa haa, many presentations touched on the subject of food, game equipment and so on, but for Matt had ended his presentation on ‘decreasing the school hours’, haa haa haa, no wonder he was chosen, haa haa haa.

Then came another surprise... immediately after we’d found out that Matt was chosen, Mar told us that she is also representing her class on the council, of course we just thought she was only copying what her brother had said... but the very next day we had the greatest surprise, for Mar was also chosen by here peers to be on the council lol !!! So one Student Council badge each… who would have thought… lol, we are ever so proud, :-) [Oct. 2017].

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