Sunday, June 25, 2017

Worthwhile afternoon :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,
On that Saturday afternoon Matt and your mother was busy, so Mar and I was left to our own devices, to admit I was quite blank, but the only thing I knew was at the end of the day Mar and I would be sitting down somewhere in BKK eating a piece of chocolate cake... haa haa haa haa haa, and I was not wrong, lol.
Only us two-05763Wanted to make a donation for Matt for his recent BD, but that was out of the question, being a Saturday so the queue was longer than the queue at Starbucks at 50%, haa haa haa. So off we went upstairs to the main temple, then to Mar’s highlight of the visit...
The concept is a simple one, we spend money (the amount is up to us) to buy the veggies to feed the buffalos, the money would then be spent saving the lives of other buffaloes that were going to be slaughtered at the abattoir (the saved animals would be given to farmers). My only gripe was the lack of hay, the thought of them sleeping on cold hard concrete bothered me quite a bit.
Well, once Mar is a little older we can talk more on this, in the meantime she was so happy to be feeding them :-)

Only us two-05766Only us two-05772Only us two-05777

Only us two-05785Only us two-05787

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