Saturday, June 17, 2017

Matt is nine :-)

Matt is nine-05743Dear Matt and Mar,

A bit late on this posting, well, Matt turned nine exactly one month ago today (at the time I am at the keyboard hammering out these first few words). A huge change for us this year though, usually Matt’s BD is also a public holiday (coronation day of our beloved Late King Rama 9), but since his passing May 5th is no longer relevant.

A couple of changes this year, for the past 5 years, we would buy a cake take it to school for Matt to share with his classmates during one of the break... with the children being older, sharing a cake wasn’t so ‘wow’ anymore (besides Matt was never into cakes), so this year it was Pizza, haa haa haa haa haa, and it was the perfect choice... :-)

Matt is nine-05747As that day was no longer a public holiday, it was not possible for me to take a day off to join Matt and his friends, all was on your mother to organise everything (a large round of applause).

But I know that Matt was waiting for me to come home, so that he can open his present :-) For the past few weeks he had been asking for the Nintendo Switch... haa haa haa. So your mother and I decided to pull a little prank.

Of course I got him the Switch (of course it would be shared, haa haa haa, just like the PS4, haa haa haa), also got him the case for the Switch... decided to wrap up the ‘case’ and gave it to Matt as the main present, pretending that I’d thought that the Switch was inside, of course your mother’s and my performance was worthy of a thousand Oscar... haa haa haa.

Matt is nine-05756You should have seen Matt’s face... haa haa haa, your mother and I could not kept it up for long, and soon gave in, haa haa haa. Matt and Mar was over the moon (and so was I, lol).

Happy Birthday Matt, you are growing up far too fast... love you baby.

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