Monday, May 22, 2017

Go where the fun is :-)

DSC05732_stitchDear Matt and Mar,

It will probably be the longest time before we visit Central Eastville again, don’t get me wrong, it is probably one of the most well designed mall in Thailand, I like the balance and the connection between the indoor and outdoor part.

We were there twice, the first time was during Songkran festival (Thai New Year), so it was ultra busy, in fact it was so ultra busy that I couldn’t find a parking space, in the end had to drop off you two, your mother and her family (grandparents and aunts) whilst I went to the nearby mall to have lunch alone, 555.

The second time, was only a couple of weeks after Songkran, I was apprehensive in coming back here especially at the weekend, but Matt really, really, really wanted to visit the new playground, as it was not opened during Songkran.

And of course I was right... finding a parking space, even during a normal weekend was nigh impossible, let me change that, it was impossible, unless lady luck was smiling at you, and one had smiled at us, because just when we about to go home, we noticed a couple walking to their car and all we had to do was to wait.

Glad to say, that the playground did not disappoint, haa haa haa.


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