Monday, May 29, 2017

Beyond loud :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

This past Saturday your mother and Matt had to attend practice for Matt’s FHC, so it was just Mar and I left for the morning roam around. Mar wanted to feed the fish, so off we went to Lumphini park, the sun was bright with only a few clouds hanging high in the sky, but the heat, even at this time in the morning, it was already getting to be a little too much.

Lately, I have never known such heat, may be because of my old age, lol, but this year there has been a couple of days that had literally been unbearable.

Beyond loud-05846After feeding the fishes, it was time to wash up and go home, and by chance we came across this rather playful cat, well it was playful to begin with... lol. Of course being Mar, it was inevitable that she would have gravitated towards the cat. It didn’t end well, it clawed a large part of Mar’s leg, blood were gushing, tears were flowing... and the cry was deafening.

Like rain in the summer time, soon the tears subsides to light whimpering to be followed by a frowny face and suddenly the laughter and smile were back in full force, lol.

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