Monday, April 24, 2017

Sony A9 is here :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Continuously for the past many, many months I have been keeping my eye on all the rumours of the new mirrorless camera. Looking back, I probably one of the first few people to jump onto the very first NEX 5 (I remembered skipping lunch, and took a motorcycle taxi to the Sony shop, haa haa haa). Then when the A7 came out, I was also one of the first few who bought one.

CaptureThen the traction started for Sony globally, following the A7 came the A7S then the A7R, then a little time later came the A7ii and A7Sii and A7Rii, the in body 5 axis stabilisation almost made me jumped to the ii models, but I held back simply because the ii models came so soon after the original A7/S/R models.

I almost religiously carry my A7 with me during all of my free time, haa haa haa, so I do use the camera quite a bit, and I am seriously considering the A9, although the camera is definitely keyed towards ‘professional’, to me if a camera has an ethernet port, it is a professional camera, haa haa haa, not to mention the price, I have seen the number of around 4,500 USD flying around the internet, haa haa haa, wow that is expensive for a non professional :-)

I am going to wait a while though, at least 6 months, haa haa haa, for 2 things. Firstly as this thing has so many new tech. I am going to wait to see how it fairs in heavy real world usage (looking at Samsung Note 7 as an example), and secondly, hoping that the price might drop a little, haa haa haa.

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