Sunday, April 9, 2017

SG Day 2, don't look up you'll drown, seriously.

D2 SG A7-04030Dear Matt and Mar,

We had made plan on our first full day in SG to visit Universal Studio, I think I just wanted get it out of the way, haa haa haa. I don’t know how much of this day you would remember by the time you read this, the amount of drama that we’d faced on this day could make a great bollywood movie.

This had made me realised, and to get to the point I would like to quote a line from one of the main character from Lethal Weapon, Sergeant Roger Murtaugh, “I am too old for this s%^&”, haa haa haa. Usually I couldn’t wait to get on one of those hair raising rides, but on this trip I just want to sit down and have a cup of coffee, haa haa haa.

Back in April of 2016 we went to Disneyland in HK, and at that time Matt couldn’t go on some of the rides because he was not tall enough... but here in early 2017, he was certainly tall enough for everything... which meant I had to join him, haa haa haa, oh no...

Universal Studio, certainly smaller than Disneyland, but it doesn’t mean it was less fun, actually I think most of the rides were much more exciting (one way to put it, haa haa haa).

Today as it turned out was full of ups and downs, after a great breakfast we boarded the scheduled bus, and literally in less than 10 minutes we'd found ourselves at the gate of Universal Studio, and I was totally unprepared. I truly didn't think there would be that many people, should have bought the tickets online, haa haa haa haa haa.


D2 SG A7-04028D2 SG A7-04032D2 SG A7-04035

At DL HK, we didn't have to wait in line for any rides, it was superb, simply because we were there on a Monday (a deliberate plan), so following the same strategy (or so I'd thought) we were here on a Friday, only to find out later from several theme parks guru that Friday (in the theme park Universe) was considered a weekend! Haa haa haa haa.

So, it was packed, and even more worryingly, the sky was as dark as night, what a perfect combination for a challenging day.

We started slowly, a couple of simple rides just to get out blood going, to be honest, I was quite glad for the long queue, we gave up a couple time queuing up... 555. The top two rides we didn't even bother lining up, the sign above the queue said 70 mins, besides Matt wisely didn't want a go anyway... haa haa haa.

D2 SG A7-04044D2 SG A7-04069

Of all the more serious rides, I was totally impressed with all of them, seriously they were all superb! Even the show, which was based on a not so hot film, Waterworld, but the live show was stunning!

As mentioned earlier we started slow with a couple of children rides, then the sky decided to open up and for the remaining of the day it was like walking around under a huge waterfall... haa haa haa.

D2 SG A7-04050D2 SG A7-04056D2 SG A7-04064

We did a slow lap around the park, pretty much enjoying all the rides that remained open (due to the downpour), lunch was an exciting affair, with the sky crying, everyone tried to cram into the various eateries. Finding a table was like winning a lottery, and I guessed we won big as it was pretty much the last table there.

D2 SG A7-04075D2 SG A7-04085D2 SG A7-04065

When we started the second lap, you two wanted to do different things, so we had to split up. Mar wanted to go for a face paint (super expensive), and Matt wanted to wander on. Matt and I ended up on the ‘Transformer’ ride... wow...

The ride was amazing, and we came out super hyped and couldn’t wait to drag your mother onto the ride, then came the first drama of the day, haa haa haa. I called your mother to find where she was, only to be greeted by a very sullen voice.

D2 SG A7-04102D2 SG A7-04091D2 SG A7-04096

Matt and I found Mar and Gio sitting in front of a burger restaurant, with Mar in full waterfall mode of her own, lol, the bottom half of her face was smudged in red paint. I didn’t want your mother to get too stress, it was a holiday afterall, so I’d asked Matt to take your mother to the Transformer ride, whilst I tried to defuse the bomb so to speak, haa haa haa.

I am trying hard not to use food as a tool to comfort you, but desperate time requires desperate measure, so I went for the big guns, a cornetto, haa haa haa. Apparently the face paint was perfect and you couldn’t be happier, but then a little rain fell on your face and so there was a little smudge... of course even a little bit was too much... and so the reason for the avalanches of tears, lol, I was trying my hardest not to cry, 1) from laughter and 2) for the money wasted… :-)

D2 SG M8-1488029204230D2 SG M8-1488099544011D2 SG M8-1488099537158

After a few minutes, I could see your mother smiling from ear to ear, she had obviously just been on the Transformer ride... lol, by that time the family’s happiness-o-meter was full once more, haa haa haa. We even took Mar on the Transformer ride, I’d really thought it was going to be too much for her, but it wasn’t... wow.

Once more Matt and I took off, this time to the Mummy ride (our second attempt, our first attempt was aborted after about ten minutes of queuing), and honestly this ride just confirms to me that I am old... haa haa haa haa haa haa, I didn’t want to go on it the second time, nor did Matt, haa haa haa haa.

Another drama was the locker, to go on the Mummy ride all the bags had to be stored away in one of those super cool automated luggage thingy. It was easier to put the bags in, but getting it out proved to be a nightmare for me, none of the credit card worked, then when we wanted to use cash, we didn’t have any small notes and the machine doesn’t give change, haa haa haa, and the clock was ticking. In a few minutes the charge was going to be huge... so your mother rushed off and in a couple of minutes came back with some change... relife... not really, the machine failed to open!


Instead of trying to be an arse as usual, and try to resolve the issue with my zero skill in hacking into lockers, I’d decided to call the park help line... best move ever, in literally less than a minute the kind man was there to open the locker (where only a few minutes earlier I had turned down his assistance, lol).

At the end of the day, we stayed until pretty much the closing time, the last couple of hours were the very best, less people, the rained had almost stopped and we could cherry pick the rides you two wanted to go on... and we went on a lot... haa haa haa. What an amazing day it had been.


I think supper was taken in a close by restaurant, which I had only visited a few weeks earlier... :-) Tomorrow, tomorrow is going to be a fantastic day, instead of staying in one place we were finally going to be travelling around :-)

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