Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Barking up the wrong tree, lol.


Dear Matt and Mar,

Talking about barking up a wrong tree… and I couldn’t have barked louder up the most wrong tree in the forest.

For the longest time I’d found my beloved A7 was having trouble focusing and the focus assist just wasn’t happening, but it only happened sporadically, so it was difficult to determine the causation of it all.

For some unknown reason I’d come to the conclusion that it was the 3rd party battery that was the cause if it all, I was so convinced that I had shared the information to all my tech friends, trying to find some rational on how a battery could cause focusing issue.

After switching to the original battery, it was all perfect for about a week, then the problem returned… after scratching my head for a further extra week, finally I’d found out why.

Of course I needed your mother’s help to confirm my eureka moment,  she’d just happened to be walking past, lol.

The lens I was using was the kit lens 28 – 70 mm, at the widest angle something strange happens. As one zooms out towards the widest at 28 mm, the scene coverage through the eye piece (of course) would widens, usually the the scene would continue to widen until the lens hits 28 mm. But in this case at the very, very, very last second the scene would shrink, like the lens was zooming in whilst we were turning towards 28 mm, and when it does that the auto focus and focus assists was in the twilight zone, just plain weird.

To overcome this, I had to turn the zoom back a tiny bit as I hit 28 mm, and that is annoying… but anyway, I’ll survive, well at least until the arrival of the A9 (well, one can dream, haa haa haa).

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