Sunday, April 23, 2017

A few loose screws :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

So many books and no where to put them, haa haa haa haa haa, keep finding your books absolutely everywhere, kitchen table, around the sofa, your bedroom (strewn everywhere), my bedroom (strewn everywhere), even in the toilets, lol.

Qingming 2017-04683Qingming 2017-04692Qingming 2017-04696

Qingming 2017-04702Qingming 2017-04710After the Qingming celebration, your mother needed to get a couple of things from a hardware store, but I wanted to be somewhere else, and because I am the boss of the house, we went to the hardware store, haa haa haa. As usual, before we walked through the door of Homepro I wanted and needed absolutely nothing from this store... of course all that changed one my little toe crossed the door, suddenly I literally needed the whole store, lol. By the time we’d left I was the one who walked out with an over loaded trolley, whilst your mother walked out with a tiniest of carrier bag.

To mention but a few, bought a new stepladder, with Matt’s guidance we’d decided to get a bigger one, and also a simple (but very heavy) tall shelf. The shelf was simple enough to put together, so after aligning all the pieces I’d had pretty much left it to Matt to do the rest :-) and what a wonderful job he’d done :-)

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