Saturday, February 4, 2017

I thought I was better than that, lol.

Dear Matt and Mar,

Wow, how can forgetting a tiny little piece of equipment give me such anxiety? Honestly I thought I was better than that haa haa haa, admittedly not because of the social thingy, but I was expecting something quite important work related.

I was up at 05:00, everything I needed was out in the living room, clothes, change, belt, bits and pieces, everything sat neatly on the table ready to be put on, on the floor near by was my overnight bag, all packed and ready to go. After a quick wash, and a rather healthy portion of breakfast, I was out of the door like a well trained ninja on a mission, without making a sound (not counting the door slamming on the way out, haa haa haa).

CPLIFinding taxi at 05:35 was easy, and soon I was arriving at the pickup point (True Tower), only to realised 5 minutes before arriving that my phone was not with me... and to be very honest I felt panicked. Then felt really guilty for feeling panicky on such a silly thing.

In the end ‘work’ will find the way, haa haa haa, so for that work related communication came via my boss’ phone, as for Line, I had managed to clear the messages through Line via Chrome. Your mother also sent me missed calls and even called back to the caller herself, thank you.

Would have been nice to have the phone though, to take some photos of such a grand building, and call back to talk to you two if nothing else, :-)

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