Thursday, February 9, 2017

CN New Year 2017, things has to change lol.

pageDear Matt and Mar,

This year Chinese New Year was at the end of January, luckily the company I work for is somewhat very deep rooted with Chinese traditions, which is something I really appreciate. So whilst I had days off, your mother did not, haa haa haa.

My weekend was a very extended long weekend, from Sat. - Tue., lol. Usually my mother would prepare a huge meal for the extended family, I think last year around 20 people came, which was superb as I haven’t seen some of them for over 2 years.

But it is a tremendous effort to prepare meal for that many people, and I am glad that mother had decided to scale it back this year, basically only for our family, and even that I felt it was getting to be too much for her. I shall have to insist that next year we do things differently, the key thing is for all of us to be together.

Your aunt had an excellent idea to dress you all up in Chinese dress, much to my mother and my aunt’s delight, lol. The meal was as delicious as ever, but physically I could see that my mother was way beyond tired (being already 70+ years young). So this year could be the end of CN New Year as I know it,  but to be honest it doesn’t bother me on any level. I think next year I’ll take a day off and take them to a temple out of BKK, it is always nice to be out of the city.

I have no idea how much Angpao you two have received this year, your mother took charge of that, lol, I can see that she will put the money to good use though, like buying hand cream, haa  haa haa haa, only kidding.

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