Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day Five, Pattaya & Rayong: will try again tomorrow.

D5 PnR Trip-03179Dear Matt and Mar,

Today was going to be our final full day in Rayong, and the routine was well established, I was hook on the gym and so off I went again at around 06:00, back again at 07:00, just in time to usher all of you to dress and off to breakfast. Once our bellies were full (during breakfast Mar was totally besotted by what she called the smallest orange in the world, lol), you two wanted to go to Kids Club again, so once the walkie talkie was tested you two were allowed to go there alone.

Swimming was next on the agenda, by the time noon came there was no way we were going to have lunch here again, lol. Amazingly it was easier this time to convince you to leave the pool, and soon we were on our way to Jo Jo Seafood. This place came highly recommended by your Uncle Chat... and it was duely well deserved, what a fantastic restaurant, my diet truly went out through the window.






D5 PnR Trip-03193

On the very last second, we decided to visit Rayong Aquatic Animal Husbandry Station which was around 35 Kms away, and we had less than hour before it closes for the day... so I was in my Top Gear mode once more... haa haa haa, We made it with about 10 minutes to spare. However I had made quite a wrong assumption, when it says it closes at 16:00 I had assumed the ticketing office would close at 16:00 but the visitors would have an additional hour to see the various exhibition. Errrr ‘no’, 16:00 is when they turn the lights out, haa haa haa haa haa, so we had literally 5 mins to run around...

D5 PnR Trip-03198D5 PnR Trip-03203D5 PnR Trip-03232

D5 PnR Trip-03242

You two decided that we must come back here tomorrow, which was quite brilliant as it was on our route back to BKK. Anyway, instead of driving back straight back to the resort, we’d decided to stop at the huge local market that was next to the aquarium. Run of the mill ‘tourist’ orientated local market, but the choice of street food was bewildering, lol. So instead of trying to find a restaurant near by it was back to basic, BBQ pork (on a stick) and sticky rice... I think your mother bought enough to feed a few thousand, and luckily she did because your mother and I didn’t see any of it... haa haa haa.

D5 PnR Trip-03302D5 PnR Trip-03294

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