Saturday, December 3, 2016

Double milestones lol

IMG_20161128_130725Dear Matt and Mar,

It must be obvious to you two that the common theme for some of the past few posts since August had been about health, loosing weight and lifting. This is my run of the mill lunch at the moment, food have never been and will never be anything big in my life, unfortunately or fortunately everything is simply delicious, haa haa haa haa, perhaps that was why my waist was 33 inches at the age of 10, lol.

This time round, the starting position was around 77 Kgs (170 Lbs), as of yesterday at around 4 am when I’d arrived home (from overseas) it was 67.xx Kgs (about 148 Lbs), hitting the first big milestone was satisfying (keeping it off is another matter though, haa haa haa).

As for the finishing line? No idea, instead of the Kgs, this time I am going to go for % of Body fat, and to be honest, I don’t think lower double digit would be possible for me, aiming for mid double digit would be a more realistic goal.

Another milestone (hated this one, lol), is the 5+ mins plank, this nightly routine is literally a pain in the… stomach (haa haa haa, you can stop rolling your eyes now, lol). They say it gets easier… erm… not for me, haa haa haa. Hitting the 5 mins point was far, far, Shangri-La far in my mind when I followed your mother to do the plank many weeks ago.

While we are talking about something I don’t quite like doing… drinking ACV… wow, it doesn’t help with me always trying to keep things simple, so 30 ml mixed with cold water is how I take it. Of course one could add honey and a pile of other stuff to make it more palatable, lol. Now lets see if a few months down the road, will I write a post about how it all came back and beyond, I can see the post’s title right now… ‘All came back and then some, I am 150 Kgs’, haa haa haa.

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