Monday, December 19, 2016

Double long weekend :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

We had double long weekend this month, when I said we, I’d meant your mother and I, however you two still had school though, haa haa haa. Your mother and I had different plans, I had to visit my parents as it has been a while, and your mother wanted to try cooking a few new recipes, haa haa haa.

Your mother is getting rather good at making bread now, for her latest tinkering she’d added milk to the dough and it was fantastic! However having all that gorgeous bread, beautifully laying around is literally killing me (and my diet), in the past ‘stairs’ was by far my biggest enemy... now I have just added ‘bread’ to the list, lol.

It is always enjoyable to pick you up from school (when we have the chance), to see your bright smile when you see us will never get old.

Your mother ended up scratching here itch, it started off with making tofu from scratch, then it was Thai spicy fermented pork and at the end of the day a beautifully, perfectly baked loaf of mouthwatering bread.

Wat Phra Piren-093100

As for me, it was fantastic to have spent most of the day with my parents, managed to teach your grandfather to print directly from his phone onto a Samsung’s printer (yes, they do make printer too). Found time to pay homage to both Wat Phrapiren (picture taken with Huawei M8 Panorama) and at home, ate too well (haa haa haa), bought a present for you two, you two are going to love it and it isn’t really a toy... lol (can’t wait to see your faces on Christmas Day).

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