Monday, November 7, 2016

Ten years already?

bmdDear Matt and Mar,

At the end of October it was your mother and I, ten years anniversary, lol. Wow that had crept up quickly and rather quietly too, lol. Your mother was super busy, and I was busy with overseas guests, so the original plan of taking a day off to spend together went out the window as soon as when we had the idea, lol.

After scratching my head a little, and for once it was me who came up with the idea (well not really, one of my friend at work did planted the idea, lol.), and a minute later a table was booked at El Gaucho (Argentinian Steakhouse), much to your mother’s delight... hooo raaayy, I did something right :-) haa haa haa.

Certainly one of the more popular places for consuming murdered cattles, we are well aware of how cruel intensive farming is, cruel to the earth and even more cruel to the other living beings that we put on our plates. My permitted meat list shrinks every year, how on earth have we strayed onto this depressing topic? Some premium farmers do treat their livestock with much more humane actions, but at the end of the day, in the words of ‘The Smiths’, “Meat is Murder”.

Matt and Mar have started to ask about the food on their plate, and certainly Matt has expressed more than once, his wish to only eat his salad and vegetables. The only explanation we could come up, and to persuade you two to eat, was that all died of natural death, sorry.

Let's get back on track, lol, this may be our tenth year anniversary, but your mother and I had known each other way beyond that, lol, when you are curious how we’d met just give me a shout ok :-) and I am sure yours mother’s version will be very different to mine, lol. Here is to another 100 years :-) Love you Mama.

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