Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mar’s Sports Day 2016

Dear Matt and Mar,

Mar’s sports day started pretty much as soon as we had dropped her off at school, 5 stations of endless fun, haa haa haa.

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Luckily both your mother and I were able to attend for the full two hours, not that Mar needed any more cheering, lol. In a blink of an eye, all children had gone through all the exercises.

Mar was superb! Every exercise was done with a laugh and a smile, can't imagine you doing all that smiling during a 10K run though, lol.

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Both Matt and Mar had excellent Sports day this year, I can not wait for you to start in a proper competitive environment, being a good loser, a gracious winner, learning about winning and losing in a fair and sometimes unfair game will add another layer of life... haa haa haa, tears will be shed, but more fun will be had by all, lol.

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