Saturday, November 12, 2016

Eden Project: moving forward

Dear Matt and Mar,

A bit pretentious calling it "Eden Project" really, haa haa haa haa haa haa haa haa haa, we are looking at the most, 15 plants of mostly salad, lol. It is getting to be quite a fun little project though, I think we should have planted tomatoes, well one step at a time.

IMG_20161112_082220Tomorrow we are going to take a trip Jatuchak market, definitely the most famous weekend market in Thailand, selling everything from puppies to a fashionable pairs of jeans, lol. We are hunting for more earth, and more equipment for the main planting.

From the lack of experience, the nursery was just a bunch of seeds thrown onto a small and shallow patch of earth, much to shallow I think.

The nursery she had set up was a bit of a Macgyver’s job, hopefully we can get a proper nursery equipment tomorrow, and make some necessary adjustment.

By the way, the last time your mother had attempted to plant something, it ‘all’ didn’t quite make it, lol. Not a single tomato survived long enough to make on to any , lol.

I am taking this opportunity to really prepare myself for the Zombie apocalypse, when (and not if) that day arrives, I am going to be super useful for whatever humanity and civilisation that was left, lol.

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