Sunday, November 13, 2016

Eden Project: looking like a pro, lol.

Dear Matt and Mar,

Sunday is just about to close, had a fun supper with my parents, and now we are back at home, your mother is very busy setting up the plant nursery and you two have been in dream land for quite a while now, lol. Today started off on the wrong foot, well, my mood was a bit funny this morning, I was frustrated with something, still don’t know what it was… but I know one thing, it won’t happen again (perhaps too much protein in my diet, lol).

Instead of driving to the popular Chatuchak Market, I had decided to use the MRT instead, well, it could be a bit of a pain trying to find a parking space, but that wasn’t the main reason for not driving. MRT just gives you a different experience, instead of being cocooned in a nice air con van, you get to see a lot of life and dynamic of people when you are not in the van.

Planting projectIt was obvious we had got off on the wrong station, the station we got off was called ‘Chatuchak Park’ station, well with a name like that, it wasn’t really my fault, I had thought it was the Chatuchak Market, haa haa haa. Admittedly the walk from the station to the market took less than 5 mins, but if we had got off at the next station, ‘Kampangphet’ station, we would have literally come up right in the market, lol.

Walking around the market was super fun, but our objective was not fulfilled, we just could not find the ‘Gardening’ section at all, then we were informed that the gardening section only comes on Wednesday and Thursday… haa haa haa, but we did manage to find a shop out side the market that sold some gardening equipment, after which we were told to ‘Or.Tor.Gor’ market, talking about hitting the bullseye, it had everything!

All we have to do now is to wait… haa haa haa.

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