Sunday, October 30, 2016

This chimney has now stopped lol

Dear Matt and Mar,

Ok, here it is, since August I have been free from being a chimney (lol), and that had led to some life changing routines, haa haa haa, and eventually it had led me to some amazing facts that knocked me out cold.

Sriracha-trip-027928It all started quite by accident, you may remember the camp that Matt had attended at Khao Yai, well, it all started from there. When we went to pick up Matt that weekend, I was ill prepared with no ‘cancer sticks’ and just a lonely lighter, lol.

In the beginning on the Saturday I squirming a little (well, ‘a lot’ to tell the truth), frantically looking at Google Map (again and again) trying to find the nearest so called convenient store, obvious they weren’t very convenient for me, because they were miles away, haa haa haa.

So during the whole weekend, the lighter stayed in the pocket, all bored and lonely. Then came Monday, after dropping you two off at SHB and drove back to the apartment before once again setting off on foot to the BTS, the walk of course took me past a couple of convenient stores. I had literally found myself standing off to the side of the convenient store thinking shall I or shan’t I... and luckily I had decided not to go in, and since then I have been free from it.

And so far, almost 3 months down the road, I’ve been through parties, pubs, gatherings, shit#y days at work and many more, but somehow still staying ‘clean’, haa haa haa.

Putting the chimney into retirement alone for me was a huge change, but after about a couple of weeks in, I had decided to pick up your mother’s weights, just to keep myself busy, doing a few reps of this and that. When I was younger I was quite heavily into lifting, and found it to be superb fun. A couple of weeks later got the proper DBells (8Kgs each), then about a month and a half in, moved to 12 Kgs, will probably be here for a while, lol.

Ok, so to my recent discovery... in short... exercise has virtually no effect on weight loss! Seriously that blew my mind haa haa haa haa haa, I’ll let these couple of Youtube videos explain it all.

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