Friday, September 2, 2016


Dear Matt and Mar,

Your mother was looking for a new notebook bag, haa haa haa (evil laugh), perfect, time to visit my second home... Fortune Town. Of course trying to look at anything whilst having two monkeys hanging around was near impossible, so I took one for your mother and took you two away while your mother went shopping, lol.

Sat Turtles Mach-01431Of course I had a hidden agenda... haa haa haa (another evil laugh), I had wanted to have a good look at the small wacom tablet... haa haa haa (the evil-est laugh of all), didn’t get it though :-) At around 4,300 THB it was rather steep for a small graphic tablet (with pen and touch capability), of which I was going to use now and then with Lightroom.

But what I was glad we did was to visit a friend’s coffee shop, Cafe Mach, great drip coffee at a unbelievable price :-) As they say... why good coffee have to be expensive?

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