Monday, July 18, 2016

Mercy Centre

Dear Matt and Mar,

For each term, we have to choose ‘you time’ (activities after school) for Matt, so to keep Matt busy we’ve enrolled him literally on every weekday except Wednesday where he has singing class (he has to keep busy whilst Mar has her ballet class, lol). I do try to balance the activities between brain and brawn, but as Matt is now getting older some interesting options had became available.

Mercy Centre PageFor the previous term I had chosen ‘Community Fun and Help’ (not exactly sure of the name lol) as one of Matt’s You Time, hoping to widen your horizon and a chance for you to help the community first hand. For the close of the term, your group was to spend an afternoon at the Mercy Centre, making donation (in your case, you wanted to make 60 bags of fun :-)), helping and playing with the children.

A long time ago, your mother was also a volunteer at the Mercy Centre, she was helping to take care of the AIDS sufferers, feeding and keeping them company, so your mother was over the moon to have heard that Matt was going to the Mercy Centre :-)

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