Saturday, June 4, 2016

Kuala Lumpur, Day One: Here at last

Leaving for KLDear Matt and Mar,

This overseas trip wasn’t even on the card until your mother had made a very important point, your mother will be starting her new Job in June, meaning she won’t be able to take any leave for the next three months, so we started making plan for Kuala Lumpur trip.

Matt has been wanting to visit Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon for the longest time, so for his BD’s present we decided to make the trip, I was struggling a bit to find things to do in KL for you two, as there was no way we were going to spend the whole holiday in Sunway Lagoon, lol.

One of the thing I wanted to do was to catch up with John, an old friend from boarding school, apart from that all was open, haa haa haa. We arrived on the Friday (27th of May), unlike the trip to HK, we’ve decided to catch an earlier flight, so at least we’ll have half day to find something fun to do, and we did, lol.

Arriving in KL

After the labourious plane, taxi and checking in, we found ourselves on the street of KL at around 15:00. The plan for this half day was to visit a huge indoor theme park, not too far from the hotel at Berjaya shopping mall. The monorail was a laugh, but rather small though.

Berjaya 1

I was expecting the theme park to be overflowing with kids, as this was the beginning of school holiday, guess what... I was completely, absolutely wrong, lol. The theme park splits between two floors, 5th for grownups and 7th for children, it wasn’t the swankiest of theme park, but a perfect place to keep you two happy for a few hours.

Berjaya 2

Berjaya 3

The roller coaster was great, you two were too small for it and your mother absolutely refused to get on. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but a full roller coaster in a shopping mall, how could I say no. The park was so empty, a few of us had to wait in the roller coaster train for several minutes before the the trickle of people started to fill up the train, but when it went, it was superb... haa haa haa.

A great start for the beginning of the holiday, lol.

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