Monday, May 16, 2016

Off we go to Singburi

Singburi-07692Dear Matt and Mar,

This trip was a few weeks back, we were fresh back from Hong Kong and arrived back in Bangkok just in time for the start of the Songkran festival, 3 glorious public holiday (13th - 15th) in celebration of the the Thai New year.

Your grandparents didn't have any plan so on the 15th we'd decided to take a day trip out of BKK to visit one of the popular temple in Singburi, not to mention a lunch by the river.

The weather was ‘boiling’, so being out of the concrete jungle was great, after a quick breakfast we left (together with one of my older cousin) to pick up my aunt and parents, it’s always a joy to drive during Songkran, time like these I wished for manual transmission (by the time you are old enough to drive, you two will have no idea what is manual transmission, lol).

In no time we arrived for lunch at ‘Pae Lung Chaow’, usually we would go next door to ‘Mae Thong chup’, but your grandmother have heard that their chef had left and is now working next door at Pae Lung Chaow, I have no idea where she gets her information... haa haa haa.

After a fantastic lunch we headed towards Wat Chaiyo Worawiharn, one of the most revered temple in Singburi, I had expected the crowd to be bigger, but it was the end of the festival now.




On the way back your grandmother decided to visit the ‘Bang Pa In Royal Palace’, I was quite looking forward to it as I’d thought I have been to all attractions in this area, but obviously not, lol. By the time we’d arrived the small hand was pointing at four, and the palace was closing.

Across the river sits a temple, Wat Niwet Thammaprawat, so we took the cable cart crossing the narrow(ish) river, it is always nice to visit new temples to see different style, artwork, murals these are things I’ve always appreciated, but I would have never expected this in a million years, and initially I had a hard time believing that this is was built during the reign of King Rama V.





To see a Buddhist temple in the style of a (small) Gothic Church was something different, haa haa haa. We have made plan to come back to visit the Royal Palace, but since then the weather has been so hot, hot enough for your school to cancel most outdoor activities. People keep saying it has never been this hot, well until next year anyway. I am really looking forward to the monsoon, then perhaps it will be time to go back to visit the Royal Palace.



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