Monday, May 16, 2016

Microsoft’s ICE remains King of the Hill.

Dear Matt and Mar,

Not so long ago Lightroom had introduced ‘Panorama’ function, and I was over the moon, in practice I couldn’t have been more disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those super user, in fact quite the opposite, and I think Lightroom’s panorama function is great… when it works (for me). My Notebook with discreet graphic card is around 5 years old, and with today’s development it is woefully under power, and one of those limitation is the Lightroom panorama, lol. When it takes hours to complete a 7 fullframe 24MB files panorama, really took the fun out of developing a photo some what.


For the longest time, the go to program for me was Microsoft ICE, when I had discovered it the first time it was like finding an uber rare sniper rifle with exaggerated elemental damage, lol. I never knew it was able to create a panorama from RAW files as well, (that is until tonight).

Last night I was totally frustrated with Lightroom’s pano, something went wrong and after giving Lightroom some benefit of a doubt, 2 hours later it was still at 64%… like a poker game with a great hand, it was difficult to press cancel and give up.

Today, the first chance I had was to fire up ICE once more, and to great surprise there was an update… the look and UI has totally been vamped up, totally brilliant… People keep saying Photoshop remains top for creating a pano, but I wouldn’t know anything about that, I don’t have the skill nor the Ka-ching, nor the need to have PS. So back to ICE it is for me, and perhaps forever? LOL.

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