Saturday, May 21, 2016

Matt is Eight :-)

MBD1Dear Matt and Mar,

Eight years old already? Happy birthday Matt, as always 5th of May is also a public holiday (Coronation Day) so we had plenty of time getting the cake for Matt to enjoy with his friends at school (no holiday for you, lol).

A few days earlier your mother asked Matt what kind of cake he wanted, without a thought ‘Sponge Bob cake’, haa haa haa. Matt’s class assistant teacher told us to come back just a little before one with the cake, so they can have a little celebration before the afternoon class. Your mother decided to go with cupcakes, the best option really.

Everything went like clockwork, Mar was picked up around half past twelve, we then hung around for a bit before it was time to move to Matt’s class. Before we reached the class we ran across a couple of Matt’s classmates, “Here come the Sponge Bob cake”, haa haa haa haa, sounded like Matt had been telling all of his friends about the cake... haa haa haa. As always, Matt didn’t eat his cupcake (he doesn’t like cakes), on the other hand some of his classmates and Mar stepped up and all the cupcakes (including a few spare) were gone faster than Pacman chomping down his dots.

I have never heard a birthday song sung like this, adding the section “how old are you now?” into the song was great, lol. As you can see below, it was a laugh! A couple of Matt’s friends also have their birthday in May, so the three families will get together and will now hold a joint party at ‘Rock n Jump’ this coming Saturday, can’t wait.

Happy Birthday Matt, can’t wait can’t wait to have all the fun with you and Mar this coming year… :-)

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