Saturday, May 14, 2016

Hong Kong Day Six, Going Home.

Dear Matt and Mar,

With hindsight, perhaps we should have booked a later flight, but then again these past fantastic few days had put a toll on all of us, well, more on your mother and I rather than you two, lol.

On our final day, the morning routine ran like clock work (wished it was like this on our previous days, lol). We even had a little time for you two to play after breakfast. As our flight was leaving around noon, it didn’t make sense to hang around, pretty much after breakfast all of us were off to the airport.

The rain was heavy, the wind was fierce so there was no surprise after boarding (full flight) we were told to sit tight as there will be a delay for an hour, luckily the entertainment system was working, managed to watch a full film, haa haa haa, can’t complain.


Apart from a bit of an anticlimax yesterday, there was no doubt this has been the best family holiday so far, Mar’s first time overseas and the first time with four of us together overseas... now it’s time to think where to go next year :-)

Matt wants to go to Malaysia, he has his heart sets on Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon, to me it can definitely be a one day thing, but for a full holiday I am not so sure. Will probably stay in KL then travel to the waterpark.

On the other hand, I would love to go to the East of Malaysia, to Sabah Sarawak... :-)

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